Ice and Fire Docs starts

GREAT NEWS! 18 documentary projects were submitted for the first call of Ice and Fire Docs. It makes us believe that this kind of workshop was long-awaited in our Estonian-Finnish region and we’ll do our best to make it beneficial for everyone.

We are happy to announce the wonderful documentary projects that have been selected to take part in the Ice and Fire Docs workshop in 2019! 

  • Experts of Love / Armastuse asjatundjad  
    director: Eva Kübar, producers: Andres Maimik, Edina Csüllög / Kuukulgur Film (EST)

  • Karaoke Phenomena
    director: Einari Paakkanen, producer: Marianne Mäkelä / Napafilms (FIN)

  • Man’s Pain / Mehe valu
    director: Kullar Viimne, producer: Erik Norkroos / Missing Pictures – Rühm Pluss Null (EST)

  • Power Station
    director: Antti Haase, producer: Jouko Aaltonen / Illume (FIN)

  • The Children of Talsinki / Talsinki lapsed
    director: Moonika Siimets, producers: Riina Sildos, Kadri Pahla / Amrion Productions (EST)

  • Estonian-Style Feast / Pidu Eesti moodi
    director: Madis Ligema, producer: Margus Õunapuu / Film Tower (EST)

  • Smoke Sauna Symphony / Savvusanna sümfoonia
    director: Anna Hints, producer: Marianne Ostrat / Alexandra Film, Kinoport (EST)

  • THI
    director: Jaan Tootsen, producers: Jaan Tootsen, Eero Talvistu / Aadam ja pojad, Kinoport (EST)


Congartulations to all participants!
IAFD is looking forward to the first session of the workshop that will take place on May 1-3 in the newly opened Arvo Pärt Centre in Laulasmaa, Estonia. The first Ice and Fire Docs session will focus on storytelling, narrative, and dramaturgy.