About EDG

The Estonian Documentary Guild exists to represent documentary filmmakers and documentary film as a distinct art-form. The Guild acts as an advocate for the genre in the public forum and in those important decision-making processes that are undertaken by state and society. The Guild brings together filmmakers of varied background and insight, protects their interests and creates opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences. Its aim is to enhance the role played by documentary films in society by organising educational workshops and courses to increase their visibility. TheĀ GuildĀ stands for the quality and endurance of the documentary art-form.

The Guild’s role 


is to provide film education by organising workshops, screenings, discussions and meetings with the authors of the film in attendance;

within the PUBLIC SPHERE

is to organise new opportunities and venues for the screening of documentaries and for raising awareness of the documentary filmmaking process by sharing the filmmakers’ experiences with the wider public;


is to exchange documentary data by mail and meetings, to arrange educational courses e.g. the summer school and international project development course “Ice&Fire Docs” 3 times a year, to develop policies regarding documentary film and to promote the interests of filmmakers both in Estonia and outside, and to award a prize to the best documentary film by Guild members.